Tyran Basil



Be the Change with Tyran Basil and lets bring some positive progressive ideas to Tallahasse, Florida. We will be the voice of the people every step of the way to make Florida the best place to live in the United States of America where we have a fair economy, healthcare and a functioning education system. Donate today and Be the Change that will help protect the freedoms of every Floridians.




Major Issues List

  1. Education, especially higher education cost
  2. Health Care reforms
  3. The Economy, especially growth through higher wages and Union Protection
  4. Energy Reforms with a focus on green renewable energy
  5. Marijuana Decriminalization


Community Insights on Tyran Basil

We need more young progressives running our government. Tyran cares about issues that affect everyone. Looking forward to serving with him in the Florida House and getting things done! Be the change and support Tyran Basil for Florida House of Representatives.                                                                                                                             Jonathan Flores, Clerk for 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida

I have know Tyran Basil for quite some time now. He's a very straightforward individual. He's honest and when he say something he means it. He can and will make a hugh difference in our lives. My family and friends supports him. Tyran Basil for changing the new and old generations. God bless.                                                                                          Salima Ally, Medical Assitant

Always personable, always fair and most important of all Tyran is Always persistent. He has been a great mentor for me the past 3 years working and I've even had the chance to get to know him on a personal level in many aspects also. Elect Tyran Basil for State Representative and you will not be left behind as he always fights for the advancement of all. This is my word and it is my bond, he is the right man for the job! Matthew Shea, Accountant and Advisor Specialist




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